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Black As White (getting farther from normalcy with every step)
The other space is abstract art

For sale:

My artwork....

Other than Black As White, Ms. Meg-the-Magnificent has done many other works of art! She has another comic series, original character art, and fanart!


BaW Character Art

Battle Sparkie - The coloured version of the final image of strip #47. (photoshop color)

Paco in a bar - shaded with grey-tone markers. First time I've tried it!

Field Collection: A series of each character in a similar setting. - (Colored pencil)
Allura, Lugnut, Paco, Sparkie - Should be viewed in this order. ^_^

Sparkie picks up a side career. Everyone get's annoyed with something in their job, right? (pen, ink, marker)
The Phone
The Office
The Classroom Phone
The Paperwork

Random art/doodles

the eye - Yes. An eye. And probably the first thing I really started working on purely by computer that I liked the look of.
mask-like face - I expanded on the eye above while trying different techniques. I've improved since then.
dgang - Well, the idea was something of a doppleganger, hence the image name. Of course, it looks just odd, but I like the shading effects.
idunno - Well, I sorta do. It was a bit of an inspiration off of the Night Elves from Warcraft III. My boyfriend had been playing the game a lot at the time.

Other Characters

Finnahn - This character is from a developing storyline, it may eventually become a book or a series. Keep the name Sempoolh in mind. ;)
Rory - Character of my own design. Err.. he's a wizard from the Harry Potter world.
Kalla-test - A quick sketch of something I'll finish with smooth lines and colors. It's a gift for a good friend.
Rayner Levine - This will become one of a few character images for a developing storyline of.. something (not related to the Finnahn image at all). More to come later. The other thing about this image is that it was originally hand-drawn, unlike any other image on this page.
Rayner - bland - Ok, same image as above, but uncolored.