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ThIS sPacE is HoldInG yoUr BRowsEr hosTagE!
$1,000,000 to PayPAl AccoUNt!
Black As White (getting farther from normalcy with every step)
This space feels inadequate compared to the other spaces.

Can you blame it?
The [dungeon] mastermind....

The artist and writer for the Black As White comic, the mastermind behind its genius, the DM, more commonly referred to as Meg, will write something here in due course. Something powerful. Something emotional. Something that will thrill you, cause you to gasp in amazement, cry out in delight, grasp your mouse in unfettered ecstasy!

Well... perhaps not quite all that.

But it may well cause you to wet yourself in mirth, and until such a gloriously ripe opportunity for blackmail does piddle upon us all, yours truly, the humble web designer, will take up the slack.

You see, the mastermind behind this comic is a dear, loved friend. She's been with me for over a decade of adventure and I am honored to be helping with this virtual endeavour. Using inspiration drawn from a few Japanese animation series and other web comics (and laced with character development ideas from friends & loved ones) Meg has spun this concept into what is, and will continue to be, an excellent series!

You see, I have an inkling (and an inking) of where the story is going, so I know. It's good. Now if only she could draw faster...